1. Who can play LOOT.io?

We recommend that players under 16 years of age request permission from a caregiver before creating an account. Understand that LOOT items are NFTs, and the in-game marketplace makes use of blockchain technology through our partner Forte.

2. Do I need to spend money to play the game or use the marketplace?

LOOT is free to play and free to own. You do not need to spend any money to obtain NFTs or participate in the marketplace. While marketplace transactions have an associated fee, you may list a certain number of items for sale each day for free. Any NFTs you find in-game are yours to keep at no cost!

3. If LOOT is free to play, how does Other Ocean make money?

Other Ocean continues to develop and support LOOT by collecting modest fees on marketplace transactions, supplemented by the sale of cosmetic items in the store.

4. What are “custodial” and “player” wallets? Why do I need them?

Under the hood, items are stored in wallets. Each account is linked to a wallet address. A custodial wallet, in our case, means the wallet address and contents are managed by Forte, so the player does not need to worry about any technical details. If a player purchases Prism Scales or elects to interact with their wallet contents through the Forte exchange, their wallet will then be considered a 'Player Wallet'. Whether it is a custodial- or player-wallet, the assets are always owned by the player.

5. Will LOOT support secondary marketplaces outside of the game?

Not at this time. All marketplace transactions will occur in-game for safety and simplicity. Any third party marketplaces claiming to offer LOOT NFTs are unauthorized and likely to be a fraud or scam.

6. What’s the difference between Coins and Prism Scales?

Coins and Prism Scales are both used in LOOT, but for different purposes. Coins are found in-game, they're for building up/boosting your own character. Prism Scales are purchased through Forte Exchange to spend in the marketplace and cosmetics shop. While Prism Scales can be purchased, they maintain a stable value and can not be directly traded on the open market at this time.

7. What is play-to-own? How is loot generated?

As you adventure through the world of LOOT, items ranging from weapons and armor to augments and pet eggs will drop from enemies you defeat. Send them back to town before your character is killed or you exit the game, and the NFTs will be added to your wallet. What you do with your NFTs is up to you!

8. Which regions do you currently support?

LOOT game servers are currently located in North America (New York). A ‘Client Side Character Prediction’ feature is available to reduce the latency you may experience if you are far from our data centers. Please note that Forte Exchange, and the purchase of Prism Scales, is temporarily limited to certain US states at this time. Please check with Forte Exchange to see the most up-to-date list of supported regions.

9. What is Forte Exchange?

Forte Exchange allows you to manage game currency balances that are hosted on Forte's blockchain service. You can learn more at: https://exchange.forte.io/portal/faq (requires linked account)