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Current Account

This is Loot: a current account and contactless Loot Mastercard® card, offering insights into your spending with personalised features to manage your money. Whether you're working towards an around the world trip or your next meal out, Loot believes there’s never a reason to miss out.


Set daily and weekly budgets, and if you have any money left over? Move it over to one of your #LootGoals (or just treat yourself to a pizza!).



Whether you’re saving up for a car, your next big holiday or even just a night out, stay inspired and do it with #LootGoals. Create tailor-made goals with a picture, date and amount you’d like to reach, and make sure you share them with us on social media!



Spend Abroad

Whether you are using chip and pin or contactless payment, you can spend abroad using the live exchange rate and no added fees in over 210 countries. Find out more about spending abroad and ATM withdrawal charges here.

Still Not Convinced?

  • Lost your phone? Log in via our web app
  • Pause & unpause your card at anytime
  • Set up an account in under 8 minutes
  • In app customer support
  • Send & receive money via faster payments
  • Deposit money from over 100 currencies

What About


Loot is a current account and works just as you would imagine, only, Loot is not a bank. The difference is how we look after your money.

Your Loot card is a Mastercard and is protected by Mastercard rules.

Your money is kept in a separate, protected account and is available anytime you need it. We never ever take risks with your money (it doesn’t get invested in anything), and so, your account isn't covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

This separate, protected account is controlled by Wirecard, the company who issues our Loot cards. In the unlikely event Wirecard becomes insolvent, your money would be protected against any claims made by creditors.

If you would like more information, check out our security page.